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Praise Yah!!!
We believe in Yahweh.  He is our Father, the Creator of heaven and earth.  He is the Lord God Almighty!  All other gods are false.

We believe that Yahweh made spirits, called angels.  Though we cannot see them, they are all around us, and they have played a major role in the creation and the everyday running of this world.

We believe that the angel known as Satan rebelled against Yahweh, and one third of the angels chose to follow in his rebellion.  But, Satan was cast from heaven down to the earth, where he now holds the title of ‘The god of this world’.

We believe that Yahweh created and designed us men and women made of flesh.  He made us in His image and He made us in His likeness, to be holy and perfect.  He placed the first man and woman He created in a garden paradise, called Eden.  At that time, mankind was designed by God to never grow old, get sick, or even die.  All was well in the garden.  He gave them one command, Do not eat the fruit which grows on the Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil.  But, Adam and Eve did not keep that command.  And, because of their choice, all of us, their descendants, now live lives full of sorrow and toil, sickness, pain and death, and certain eternal damnation because of our inherent sinful nature, which we inherited from our disobedient father Adam and mother Eve.

We believe that Yahweh knows all things.  He knew that the first man and woman would disobey him.  But, He always had a plan of salvation for mankind.  This plan was prophesied of throughout the Old Testament scriptures, contained in the Holy Bible, that God Himself would save His people, and that His own arm would bring us Salvation, HalleluYah!!!

We believe that Yahweh became flesh, in order to save us from our sins, and that man of flesh was known as Yahshua the Son of the living God, our Lord and Savior.  The name Yahshua means, ‘Yahweh is Salvation’.

We believe that Yahshua not only showed mankind exactly how God requires for us to live, but He also died for us, paying sin's penalty in full for all that will repent of their sins.

We believe that we must stop sinning, if we want to be saved.  Yahshua commanded us to be perfect, even as our Father which is in heaven is perfect.  Yes indeed, God expects for us to be holy, just like He is holy!

We believe that the laws that God gave mankind were only given to hold us until Yahshua Messiah (The Anointed One, the Christ).  Now, if we follow Yahshua and be like Him, there is no law against us.  Yahshua is the fulfillment of all the Law of God.  The law was simply a shadow of the good things to come in Yahshua, and not the very image.  The law was only a schoolmaster, given to bring us to the Messiah.  Now the Messiah is here, and grace and truth has come with Him!  Only the law came by Moses, but grace and truth came by Yahshua alone!!!

We believe that Yahweh is Yahshua, and Yahshua is Yahweh!  There is only one God, not two or three.  God is not in two persons, or three persons, He is one person!  He is one Spirit.  Father, Son & Holy Ghost are three titles explaining the three different roles that this One God has played in the lives of all humanity.  He is the Father in creation, the Son in redemption, and the Holy Ghost in comforting and leading and guiding His church.

We believe that before Yahshua left the earth, he set up the church leadership structure.  He left us leaders sent by God, called Apostles.  And, other apostles, besides the original twelve, were also added to that number.  Not only apostles, but the Lord gave some the gift of being Prophets.  Others had the gifts of being Evangelists, Pastors and/or Teachers.  These gifts have been given to the church by the Lord, and when they died, there were others to take their places.  These five gifts are now known as The Five-Fold Ministry.

We believe that the Great Tribulation began in the days of the original disciples, when they were greatly persecuted for believing in the Lord Yahshua, and for calling upon His name.  All of the original apostles were put to death in many horrible ways for confessing that Yahshua is the Messiah, except for John, whom it is written in history that they tried to boil him in oil, but he miraculously survived.  After their deaths, and the deaths of the strong saints in the church, the Romans persecuted, tortured and executed the disciples until those that were weak in the faith gave in and changed many of the Lord’s teachings, in order to avoid being terrorized.  In the fourth century, the Roman Emperor Constantine stopped the persecution of the disciples, and declared Christianity to be the religion of the Empire.  But by then, the church doctrine had greatly been polluted, and the church was no longer set up as Yahshua had left it.

We believe that from that point in time until now, and as always, God is the Judge of all mankind.  He knows that the truth was stamped out of the church by the persecution of ungodly men, so the Almighty God, through the Holy Ghost (as He promised) has been leading and guiding men into all truth over the last thousand to two thousand years.  He promised in His Word that if we seek, we shall find, if we ask, we shall receive, and if we knock, the door shall be opened.  So God throws truth out into the land, to see who will be honest and humble enough to receive it and accept it.

We believe that Yahweh has revealed Himself to us, The Infallible True Church Of Y’Shua The Messiah Of The Apostolic Faith in these last and evil days.  We believe that there are still men in the land today that have the Gift of the Word of Wisdom, and we have such a man in our midst, Apostle Harvey Washington.

We believe in growing in grace, and in the knowledge of the Son of God.  We know that we don’t know everything there is to know about our God Yahweh.  No one does!  And no one will know everything there is to know about Him until we meet Him at the end.  We know in part, and we prophesy in part, but when that which is perfect comes, then that which is in part must be done away with.  So we seek God’s face, and beseech Him to lead us and guide us into all righteousness, for His name’s sake.  We know that we are not held accountable for what we don’t know, but when God reveals a thing to those having the Gift Of The Word Of Wisdom, we line up with it.  So, until that happens, we hold fast to what God has already revealed unto us, and we steadfastly keep it.

We believe that Yahweh is God’s one and only true name.  It has always been His name, and to not use it is to take His name in vain.  If you don’t pronounce this name perfectly, that’s okay.  God doesn’t have a problem with anyone for unintentionally mispronouncing His name.  He has a problem when mankind refuses to use His true name, and when they change His name, and when they forget Him and His name, due to not serving Him.  He even has a problem with His people that do use His name, if they aren’t walking uprightly.  This also is classified as taking His name in vain.  Yahweh’s name is not just meant to be read, but not spoken, as many believe.  It should not be left as YHWH written on paper, but never praised out loud like the Bible tells us to do.  Neither should it be replaced with Titles like LORD and GOD.  He is Yahweh, that is His name!!!  Lord is not His name, Yahweh is.  We know that Satan hates Yahweh, and he is the one behind taking Yahweh’s name out of the Bible.  That was never Yahweh’s plan.

We believe that Yahshua is the Son of God’s one and only true name.  Once again, if you think it should be pronounced Yeshua, that’s fine.  The bottom line is, He is our Savior.  Yahshua means ‘Yahweh Saves’, Yeshua means ‘Salvation’.  It’s not something to dote about.  Some call God ‘Yahweh’, some call Him ‘Yahveh’.  It’s not important.  But a blatant change from ‘Yahweh’ to ‘Jehovah’ or ‘Allah’ is not right.  His name is Yahshua, not Jesus.  The name of Jesus is only about four hundred years old.  It is not the name that the angel of God delievered to Joseph and Mary.  The name of Yahshua was spoken, when Peter told the man at the Gate called Beautiful to ‘rise and walk’!  And when he was questioned in Acts Chapter Four, he plainly told them that there isn’t salvation in any other name, for there is no other name under heaven, given among men, whereby we must be saved!!!  Most people call the Son of God ‘Jesus’.  Well, we do not look down on you for that.  We know that when you say ‘Jesus’, you are referring to that same Wonderful Savior that we talk about.  But, we have grown in knowledge, and have chosen to call Him by His real name.  And, we know that Satan hates Yahshua, and, just like the name of Yahweh, Satan is the one behind taking Yahshua’s name out of the Bible.  That also was never Yahweh’s plan.

We believe that Water Baptism in Yahshua’s name is essential to salvation.  If we want to be saved, we must be fully submerged in Yahshua’s name.  Not using the titles Father, Son and Holy Ghost, but using His actual name, the name used throughout the Book Of Acts.  If the Lord returns, and you refused to be baptized in His name, Yahweh will be your judge.

We believe that every believer who desires God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost, shall be filled.  The one and only sign that a believer has been filled with God’s Spirit is that they have spoken in tongues as the Spirit gives them to utter.  ‘As the Spirit gives them to utter’ means that they don’t try to speak in tongues, it just happens.  And this tongue is an actual human language spoken by some nation under heaven.  Make no mistake, we do not believe in false tongues, which many claim to be an ‘Angelic Language’.  That belief comes from a misinterpretation of the Holy Bible.

We believe that it is not a sin to be tempted by Satan to do evil.  It becomes a sin, however, when we put into practice the deed that Satan tells us to commit.  The Bible says that the Son Of God was on all points tempted just like we are, yet without sin.  So don’t let Satan beat you up for simply having an evil thought.  Overcome those evil thoughts by being good!

We believe in obeying them which have the rule over us, because God has set them up to watch over our souls.  We often do not know what’s best for us.  That’s why God gave us Ministers, and He gives them the instructions we need, that we may know the way wherein we should walk.  These overseers are given to us so that the saints can be perfected, so that the work of the ministry may continue in a decent and in order fashion, and also so that the Body of the Messiah may be edified.  This is the only way for the Church of the Lord to truly be in Unity!!!

We believe that it’s wrong to teach customs as if they are commandments.  This can be a major stumbling block.  We have customs, which can change, and we have commandments which will never change.  For example, it will always be a commandment to never commit adultery.  But, the church dress code may change, depending on which country or specific condition we are living in.  ‘Thou shalt not kill’ is a commandment, but a preacher’s decision to not allow those under his leadership to watch television is a custom, because there’s no scripture in the Bible speaking against it.  Nevertheless, whatever customs have been set up by the Bishops, we keep until they change them.  Also, it is alright for one group of saints to have one custom, and for another group of saints to have a different custom.  Who are we, as the Bible says, to judge another man’s servant.  God is able to make them both stand.

We believe that the strong should bear the infirmities of the weak.  Not everyone in the church is on the same level of understanding.  Saints must learn to be patient with all men, like the Lord was.  And we should not mumble or speak evil about anyone.  It is not the job of a disciple of the Lord to criticize, but rather to be the peacemaker, the light shining in the darkness.

We believe that concentration and sanctification, through the hearing of God’s Word preached, and through prayer, fasting, and reading and meditating on the Scriptures, is the only way to gather the spiritual strength needed to maintain good works.  We also take part in Communion (Breaking Bread), Footwashing, and going from house to house in Fellowship and Prayer, so that we can fulfill God’s Word, and, in doing so, we keep ourselves encouraged to continue serving the Lord until the very end.

We believe in praising Yahweh in His Sanctuary (the Church), and wherever else we may be!  We sing with or without mechanical musical instruments!  We sing new songs and old songs to the Lord.  But we do not listen to worldly music ever!!!  Neither do we accept so-called Gospel or Christian music if the music sounds worldly behind the words.  In other words, God doesn’t just accept any praise, so we shouldn’t either!!!

We believe in not forsaking to assemble ourselves together.  Many people have the problem of not wanting to assemble together for Church Service.  They cheat their inner man out of becoming stronger, by missing the Word Of God that is spoken in their absence.  These often fall by the wayside, being defeated by Satan.  Yahweh knows how much church we need.  It doesn’t matter how we feel.  This old flesh never wants to do what God wants us to do!  Of course, there are exceptions, but we must all be honest with ourselves, and not rob God of our presence in His House.

We believe in paying our tithes and giving offerings to the Lord.  We should do our best with our finances, and not waste our money on unnecessary things, so that we will always be ready to participate in whatever the Lord is calling for.  We give to every man that asks us for help and we seek nothing in return.  The Lord Yahweh is our Provider.

We believe in taking strangers into our homes, and entertaining them, and giving them rides if they need one.  Saints in the Bible, and in our present Body of Believers have entertained ANGELS and didn’t even realize it until later.  But, even if you know it’s not an angel, it’s still the right thing to do!  Even if it’s your enemy, still, go ahead and feed them!  That’s what we do!

We believe that there is absolutely, positively no good reason for any man to take the life of another man.  Yes, King David, and everyone serving God before the Messiah arrived, got away with killing, but we cannot kill any man for any reason.  We have to love our enemies, and resist not evil!!!  God’s got enough angels to kill someone if He wants them dead.  He doesn’t need our help.  If someone tries to kill you, do what Yahshua did, RUN!!!

(to be continued......, please check back periodically for What We Believe page updates)